Did you know? 81% of home buyers say a staged home is easier to visualize as their future home.

Before Virtual Staging...


After Virtual Staging!


Always on the cutting edge of real estate technology, Amy Manion and The Manion Team use advanced virtual staging techniques to make any room look its best! As a service offered to all sellers that list with The Manion Team, virtual home staging gets your home sold for a higher price and faster than you can imagine.


Let Buyers Visualize Their New Home

81% of home buyers say a staged home is easier to visualize as their future home. A vacant house is hard to sell because the sale of your home depends on a positive emotional impact on the potential buyer. That emotional impact is easily delivered when we add the visual components of a staged home. Without furnishings, it’s like trying to sell art when the only thing the buyer can see is a blank canvas.


Empty Houses Are Hard To Sell!

52% of buyers say they are willing to pay more for a staged property. 96% of buyers agents say that how the home is staged has an effect on how buyers view the home. Effective home staging can help sell your home faster and at a higher price.

Virtual (or digital) home staging is a newer and less expensive way to decorate a home and get this effect that buyers desire. By staging digitally, furnishings can be added to any room to spark higher interest from buyers. Your house will look better in the pictures than in real life – because it is furnished!


The Manion Team’s virtual staging service is offered to any seller that wants to take advantage of it.

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